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The Bachelor of Health Sciences curriculum provides the depth of knowledge and background theory necessary to understand not only how the human body functions in health and disease, but also how its environment – both physical and social – play major roles in health and disease.

Need help finding your way through Queen’s and beyond? Get BHSc specific advice on academics, extra-curriculars, networking, international opportunities and career development all in one place! The BHSc Program Map, produced by the Career Services Major Map project, provides suggestions – you don’t have to follow all the recommendations. Use the map to plan ahead, and find your own way at Queen’s!

View the BHSc Program Map here!

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Core Courses: 18.0 Units Required Core Courses: 15.0 Units Required Core Courses: 15.0 Units Required Core Courses: 6.0 Units Required
BMED 173 History and Philosophy of Health and Healthcare PHGY 215 Principles of Mammalian Physiology I REPD 372 Reproduction and Development GLPH 471 Advanced Global and Population Health
PHAR 100 Introductory Pharmacology PHGY 216 Principles of Mammalian Physiology II BMED 373 Health Ethics, Law, and Policy REPD 473 Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
ANAT 100 Anatomy of the Human Body BMED 270 Fundamentals of Health Research Methodology PATH 310 Introduction to Pathology and Molecular Medicine  
PHGY 170 Human Cell Physiology GLPH 271 Global and Population Health

PHAR 370 Fundamentals of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

(previously PHAR 270)

GLPH 171 Social and Physical Determinants of Health and Disease BCHM 270 Biochemical Basis of Health and Disease

BCHM 370 Genetics and Genomics

(previously BMED 370)

HSCI 190 Introduction to Statistics for the Health Sciences / BIOL 243 Introduction to Statistics / STAM 200 Introduction to Statistics      
Option Courses: Minimum 6.0 Units Option Courses: Minimum 9.0 Units Option Courses: Minimum 9.0 Units Option Courses: Minimum 18.0 Units
PSYC 100 Psychology MICR 271 Introduction to Microbiology** PHAR 380 Drug and Environmental Toxicology BMED 470 Principles of 'Omics'
BIOL 102 Introductory Biology of Cells MICR 270 Infection, Immunity, Inflammation** CANC 380 Evolutionary Biology of Cancer PHAR 480 Drug Discovery and Development
BIOL 103 Introductory Biology of Organisms MICR 290 Antibiotic Resistance Lab BMED 381 Clinical and Diagnostic Chemistry CRSS 454 Cardiovascular Sciences
CHEM 112 General Chemistry (on-campus students only) IDIS 280 Interprofessional Approaches in Healthcare BMED 383 Advanced Research Methodologies BCHM 482 Proteomics and Metabolomics
CHEM 113 General Chemistry I CHEM 281 General Organic Chemistry I

BMED 390 Integrative Laboratory Studies

(previously BMED 384)

GLPH 493 Global Health Practice
CHEM 114 General Chemistry II CHEM 282 General Organic Chemistry II (on-campus students only)

MICR 386 Fundamentals of Immunology in Health and Disease

(previously BMED 386)

BMED 483 Advanced Topics in Infectious Diseases
PHYS 118 Basic Physics or PHYS 117 CHEM 285 General Organic Chemistry II

MICR 320 Microbes in Health and Disease

(previously MICR 382)

IDIS 480 Advanced Interprofessional Approaches in Healthcare
MATH 121 Differential and Integral Calculus or MATH 123 & MATH 124 BCHM 218 Molecular Biology ANAT 380 Clinically Relevant Human Anatomy NSCI 483 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
WRIT 120 Fundamentals of Effective Writing HLTH 230 Fundamentals of Human Nutrition GLPH 385 Biohacking and Gerontechnology HSCI 592 Health Sciences Research: Design and Methods
WRIT 125 Fundamentals of Academic Essay Writing PHGY 290 Investigation of Human Physiological Responses    HSCI 593 Health Sciences Research: Data Collection and Interpretation
ENGL 100 Introduction to Literacy Study     HSCI 598 Advanced Health Sciences Research: Design and Methods
      HSCI 599 Advanced Health Sciences Research: Data Collection and Analysis 
Electives: 6.0 Units* Electives: 6.0 Units* Electives: 6.0 Units* Electives:6.0 Units*

Note: Some Arts & Science courses may be 6.0 units

*Any online or on-campus course, including any listed option courses. All Arts & Science Online courses are accepted as electives. Additionally, BHSc On-Campus students may choose courses from the Arts & Science Calendar.

**Students are required to take one of MICR 270 and MICR 271