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Queen's Undergraduate Internship Program

Students in Bachelor of Health Sciences programs (both on-campus and online) are eligible to complete an internship through the Queen's Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP). 

The Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program offers Queen’s students a chance to gain valuable work experience during 12 to 16 month work terms. QUIP internships are paid, professionally supervised, career-related positions designed to offer second- or third-year students the opportunity to learn about current advances, practices, and technologies in business and industry. Upon successful completion of an internship, students will receive a “with Professional Internship” designation on their degree. 

There are several notable benefits to participating in an internship: 

  • Take a break from academics and test drive your career choice 

  • Learn what employers really want from new grads 

  • Make valuable business/industry contacts to build your professional network 

  • Earn and learn to reduce your debt; most scholarships can be deferred (check with Student Awards) and students may be able to defer interest payments on government assistance loans 

  • Return to Queen's with a renewed energy, a deeper understanding of course materials, an impressive resume, and more experience to start your post-graduation job search 

Due to the longer work term (compared to a 4-month co-op), employers are highly motivated to maximize their time and investment. This means that Internship students are offered the opportunity to manage more extensive and significant projects, and therefore can implement their academic knowledge and fresh approaches to enhance the workplace.    
QUIP is academically linked and therefore allows interns to remain a full-time Queen's student during their internship. This has several benefits with regards to OSAP, insurance, awards, etc. BHSc students are required to register and pay course fees for HSCI 301/1.5; 302/1.5; 303/3.0 (12-month internships) or HSCI 304/1.5; 305/1.5 (16-month internships). The tuition fees associated with the internship courses cover the cost of administering the program and academic advising. You will also be required to complete 3 performance evaluations throughout your QUIP Internship and provide a final seminar presentation upon your return to Queen’s University.  

Visit the QUIP website to learn about eligibility, information sessions, registration, finding an internship, credit for your work, and more. 

For BHSc-specific advising and support, contact your Academic Advisor directly or email