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Career Paths

This program was designed to prepare students for varied careers or applications for graduate and professional programs, depending on our graduates’ interests.

Directly out of the program, you could consider career options in the following field:

Many organizations, either government or non-government, work to improve healthcare at the provincial, national, or global level. Our graduates may seek valuable employment in health policy and regulations.

Learning about health begins in high school and is continued through both college and university programs. Our graduates may be interested in teaching about health at any of these levels, and the BHSc program is an excellent starting point to begin a career in teaching.

Hospitals, clinics, research facilities, and numerous other organizations all rely on an administrative team of managers to ensure efficient and high-quality work is conducted. BHSc graduates may find gainful employment as part of an administrative team.

Health-related research brings innovative developments into health practice. Careers in research are varied, including lab technicians, lab managers, scientists, and principal investigators. The BHSc program will give you an introduction to many types of health research, allowing you to find what you are interested in and giving you a direction upon graduation. For more information on graduate research, click here.

The BHSc degree provides an underpinning for many professional degree programs, including Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and similar programs. If you are interested in a career in a health profession, browse through the pages listed below.