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Admission to the Online BHSc Program via the Interest Progression Route

NOTE: The admission route outlined on this page only pertains to the online Bachelor of Health Sciences program.

If you are interested in enrolling as a Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) student but lack the minimum admission requirements for the program, you may still be eligible to earn the BHSc online by progressing into the degree program after a trial period as an interest student. This route would require you to apply to the category of “non-degree interest student”. As this type of applicant, you are not expected to have requirements for admission into the degree program and are not required to submit transcripts from previous education*.

* despite this, a caveat is if you apply as a non-degree interest student wishing to progress, but have a previous university degree. In this case, you may be ineligible to progress into the BHSc program based on second degree restrictions.

Accelerated Interest Progression Route

Once you are accepted as a non-degree interest student, in order to be eligible to progress into the online BHSc degree program, you would be required to take three specific courses over a minimum of two semesters and achieve a cumulative average of 3.0 (B) (minimum of 2.3(C+) in any one course), excluding repeats, in those three courses. These three courses are:

  1. PHGY 170 Human Cell Physiology
  2. Choose ONE of ANAT 100 Anatomy of the Human Body or PHAR 100 Introductory Pharmacology
  3. Choose ONE of IDIS 173 History and Philosophy of Health and Healthcare (previously called BMED 173) or GLPH 171 Social and Physical Determinants of Health and Disease

Non-degree interest students are limited to two courses (6.0 units) per semester, therefore upon acceptance as a non-degree interest student, it normally would take you two semesters to be eligible to progress into the full-time degree program. If interested in part-time degree studies, you may complete these three required courses over three terms.

Repeat courses cannot be used for the accelerated progression route, but can be used in the alternate progression route.

Alternate Interest Progression Route

For students who do not achieve the GPA requirements of the Accelerated Progression Route, an alternate route is available. To progress through this route, you are required to take a total of 36.0 units (12 courses) as a non-degree interest student:

  • 24.0 units (8 courses) must be courses within the Bachelor of Health Sciences curriculum that are offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences.
  • The remaining 12.0 units (4 courses) can be any course, including those offered by other Faculties and Schools at Queen’s (such as the Faculty of Arts and Science).

Students must attain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 (B-) in these courses in order to be eligible to progress into the degree program.

I’ve Completed My Progression Requirements; Now What?

Progression into the degree program based on the routes described above are all handled within the Bachelor of Health Sciences program office, meaning that there is no need to re-apply through Undergraduate Admissions to degree studies. If you are following either of the Progression Routes, and you think that you have met the requirements to progress into the degree program, submit a ‘Request to Progress into BHSc Degree Program’ to the program office by the date outlined each term (received by email).

Queen’s Students in a Different Program

If you are intending to complete the progression requirements while registered in another Faculty or School at Queen’s, you will need to apply to transfer through Undergraduate Admissions and should contact both the BHSc program office and an advisor within your current Faculty to discuss your academic plan.