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Application Process


Applications for Winter and Summer intakes must be submitted using the Webapp. Applications for Fall intake can be submitted through OUAC using the code QHO or through the Webapp.

The following steps will walk you through the process for applying to the Bachelor of Health Sciences online program using the Queen's Webapp


Complete the Online Application as either:
  • Degree Student*
  • Non-Degree Interest Student**
$100 payment must be made for your application to be submitted



Application information is received by Queen's and loaded into SOLUS (online Student Centre) within 1 - 2 days.
Application Acknowledgement email will be sent within 1 week of receipt of the application. Request for transcripts are added to SOLUS To-Do List.


Submit all documentation requested on the To-Do List.


Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis once all documents have been received.
Emails for either acceptances and refusals will be sent to applicants.


Accept offer online through SOLUS.


Once an offer has been accepted, you will receive an email from the BHSc Academic Advisors within a few days to help you with course selection.
Register for Courses in SOLUS.
Complete Online Orientation Module and begin the program!


Apply Now

*  A student should apply directly to the BHSc Program if they have met all prerequisites and program requirements prior to applying.

** A student should apply as a Non-Degree Interest student if they are interested in taking individual courses or if they are interested in becoming a degree student but do not meet admission requirements.