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Headshot of Zahraa Abdul Hasan in front of a background of blurred out red brick.

Zahraa Abdul Hasan receives Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

Congratulations to Zahraa Abdul Hasan on being named a recipient of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award. This award provides university scholarships to students who exemplify the humanitarian ideals of Terry Fox by volunteering and giving back to their communities.

What does being a recipient of this scholarship mean to you?

Being a recipient of this scholarship reinforces my core values and my personal and academic experiences. Receiving this scholarship has also allowed me to think deeper about my responsibility to continue to be a helper and driver for positive change in the world. It motivates me to continue being resilient and pushing past boundaries and obstacles that come my way.

What is your favourite thing about the BHSc program? 

My favourite thing about the BHSc program is the tight-knit community the faculty fosters for all students. They put in the effort to provide us with resources and support to help us succeed in our degree and to enjoy and take our time to discover new areas of interest through their compelling courses and extracurricular opportunities.

Do you have any tips or advice for students in the BHSc program (or entering the program)? 

My advice is not to be afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. I realized it was important not to limit myself to one path but to seek other opportunities that would eventually lead me back to my main goal. Your undergraduate degree is ultimately about how you made the most of it and the different ways you took to achieve your goal.

You can read Zahraa’s biography and learn more about the award here.