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Supplementary Application


The Supplementary Application is a Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) admission requirement for all applicants for to the on-campus program (first-year entry QH; upper-year transfer QHQ).

This year’s Supplementary Application is being delivered through a new platform for an improved applicant experience, with additional functionality to allow applicants to practice and prepare for the submission of their Supplementary Application. Applicants applying to Health Sciences, Nursing and Commerce will be required to complete one written response and one video response. The rubric for the 2023-24 Supplementary Application can be found here.

Note: Do not submit any additional materials (reference letters, CV, etc.) as they will not be reviewed by the admissions committee.

Why do we use a Supplementary Application?

Admission to the BHSc program is very competitive and we know that there is more to an applicant than their academic performance. An applicant will not receive an offer of admission based on grades alone. We use the Supplementary Application in addition to your academic record to learn more about you. Based on your Supplementary Information and your grades, you may be offered admission to Queen’s BHSc.

The minimum admission average and the number of students selected based on the Supplementary Application varies from year-to-year and is dependent on the number of applicants to the program and the academic strength of the applicants each year.

To assist in the effort to identify and eliminate barriers to admission, applicants from a broad range of historically and currently underrepresented groups are encouraged to complete and submit the Equity Admission Self-Identification form when submitting their Supplementary Application. Applicants can choose to complete this form if they identify as:

  • An Indigenous person
  • A member of a racialized/visible minority group
  • A person with a disability
  • A person who identifies as LGBTQ2S+

Only applicants who are academically in the competitive range for admission, will be considered. The information collected will only be used to support offers of admission; this information will have no negative impact on the application. In addition to this equity self-identification form, alternative admission pathways exist for Indigenous and first-generation students.

Please note that supplementary applications are read by a committee of faculty, administration, and staff. Readers are required to undergo various trainings including, but not limited to, sessions covering inclusivity, diversity, intersectionality, and human rights. 

Important Dates

Applicants can gain access to the Supplementary Application on November 1. The final day to submit is February 15.

Please note: Queen's does not accept late submissions.