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Individual Course Students

You may want to take one or more individual online courses offered by the BHSc for a number of different reasons:

You are a current post-secondary student:

  • Current Queen's students: consult your home faculty to determine which BHSc courses are approved option or elective courses for your program and register on SOLUS.
  • Graduate and Professional students: Students registered in the School of Graduate Studies or Professional schools at Queen's University may complete BHSc courses for upgrading or general interest. Contact the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) program office to register for courses. Note: written permission from your supervisor and course instructor is required to enroll.
  • Students studying at other institutions: Visiting students from other post-secondary institutions may take courses offered by the BHSc program on a Letter of Permission (LOP) issued by their home institution. Once they have applied to the BHSc as an LOP student, visiting students are restricted to online courses offered by the BHSc program. Applications via this stream may be submitted by clicking the APPLY button on this website and selecting the "Letter of Permission/Non-Degree."

You are a previous Queen's student: Contact the Faculty Officer that your Queen's degree was completed in to register - no additional application is required.

You want to try taking courses before committing to an online degree program: 

  • One or two courses per term: if you want to start out by taking a maximum of one or two courses per term, you can apply as a Non-Degree Interest Applicant through the Queen's Webapp and will not be asked to provide any information related to your academic history.
  • More than two courses per term: if you want to study more than two courses per term, you would apply as a Non-Degree/Continuing Applicant and are required to submit previous transcripts and meet the minimum requirements for direct entry into the program. If eligible, you can take a full course load, including upper year courses in your first semester. This category is for applicants who never intend to get the BHSc degree.