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Dr. Jenn Carpenter MSc Community Health and Epidemiology (Queen’s University) 2009
Dr. Jenn Carpenter
Global and Population Health Track Lead

Teaching Awards

Award for Excellence in Clinical Teaching (2007/8) Undergraduate Clinical Skills

Teaching Experience

Dr. Carpenter is a physician who also has an active role in teaching.  She designed and is actively involved in the Undergraduate Medicine Population and Global Health course.  She is also the Advocate Lead for the UG curriculum.  She is involved in the Mentorship Program and has taught Clinical Skills, Interview Skills, and the Physician Wellness curriculum in the past.  At the International Level, she spent time in the Ivory Coast volunteering and completing research on HIV Education as a medical student and is now actively involved in the Pamoja Tunaweza Women’s Center and Clinic, in Moshi, Tanzania, where she is the Medical Director and the volunteer and educational coordinator.