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Faculty Directory

Dr. Cheryl Cline MSc in Digital Education, University of Edinburgh (in progress)
Dr. Cheryl Cline
Associate Professor, Director, Faculty of Health Sciences Office of Bioethics and Ethics Lead, Undergraduate Medicine Program

Teaching Awards

Fellows in Educational Scholarship Program (2011) Office of Health Sciences Education, Queen’s University
Erindale College Dean of Humanities, University of Toronto, Letters of Commendation for Medicine, Morality and Law and Introduction to Environmental Ethics (2002)
Martha Lile Love Teaching Award (1999) Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto for Issues in Environmental Ethics
Marija Hutchison Teaching Award for English as a Second Language courses (1993) University of Toronto

Teaching Experience

Dr. Cline is a philosopher with extensive work experience in the healthcare sector. After completing hospital internships in the Toronto and Hamilton areas, she worked as the clinical ethicist at Kingston General Hospital for 7 years, providing ethics consultation and continuing education to patients, families and healthcare professionals working in a wide variety of roles.  Dr. Cline currently teaches medical students at Queen’s. She has also held numerous curriculum leadership roles in the Undergraduate Medicine Program. Prior to coming to Queen’s, Dr. Cline taught philosophy at the University of Toronto where she received awards and commendations for her teaching in bioethics, environmental ethics and English as a second language. She is also a former Director of U of T’s Teaching Assistant Training Program in their Centre for Teaching and Learning.