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Headshots of Jenn Carpenter and Laura van Staalduinen above a blue bar with white text. The text reads "Champions for Mental Health".

Two BHSc instructors named Champions for Mental Health

Dr. Jenn Carpenter & Dr. Laura van Staalduinen have both been named Champions for Mental Health through the Queen’s Campus Wellness Project. The Champions for Mental Health is a student-led initiative that recognizes and celebrates educators & staff members, as nominated by students, who create supportive environments where student mental health is valued and supported. 

Read what they both have to say about student mental health here +

“Dr. Carpenter made a significant effort to accommodate all students this year in light of the pandemic. She truly cares for the students she instructs and puts health and wellbeing above all else. Dr. Carpenter's class is a welcoming environment whereby students will partake in self-directed learning regarding topics of personal interest.” Anonymous 

“Dr. Staalduinen always starts her class asking how everyone is doing and genuinely cares about the answers of her students. She also always reminds us to take time to take care of ourselves and put our mental well-being and health first. She's very understanding and always willing to help where she can and very open to making accommodations, especially during times of high stress. Dr. Staalduinen reminds us to look at the positive and is never afraid to admit to making mistakes and doesn't make a big deal about them which helps students like me accept my own mistakes without stressing about them.” Anonymous