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PHGY 210 Physiology for Health Sciences

The functions of organs, body systems and the integration of functions in the whole body.

Minimum 2nd year (Level 2) standing and a (GPA of 2.0 in BIOL102 and BIOL103) or (PHGY170) or permission of the instructor.

For non-BHSc students

No more than 6.0 units from IDIS 150/6.0; KNPE 125/3.0; KNPE 225/3.0; PHGY 210/6.0; PHGY 212/6.0; PHGY 214/6.0.

Note: PHGY 210 W may be substituted for PHGY 214 in the Life Sciences and Biochemistry programs and serve as a prerequisite for any course or program which lists PHGY 214 as a prerequisite. Completion of a first year course in Biology is strongly recommended.

The course will be evaluated as follows:

Assessment 1 – Interactive Tutorials (9%)

Assessment 2 – Discussion Boards (9%)

Assessment 3 – Online tests (4 x 8%) (32%)

Assessment 4 – Proctored Exam* (50%)

*Students must pass the exam to pass the course

16 hours per week (192 hours per term).

The following materials are available from Queen’s Campus Bookstore: http://www.campusbookstore.com

  • Sherwood, L., & Ward, C. 2016. Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems (3rd ed.). Boston, Mass: Cengage Learning.  It is available online in the onQ virtual learning environment.
  • Beginning the first day of term, students registered in the course will be able to access course materials in a format suitable for online reading or printing.

Dr. Chris Ward

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