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Health Sciences Orientation Executive

Meet the 2020 Orientation Executive Committee

Who (or what) is a HEC?

HEC stands for Health Sciences Executive Committee. They are a group of six upper year students coming from a variety of faculties and programs to help welcome you to Queen's.Throughout the past year, they have been working hard to organize all aspects of Health Sciences Orientation Week 2020. While Orientation may look at little different this year than in previous years, everyone in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program is looking forward to welcoming the Class of 2024!

Mitul Karmaker

Head Coat, 4th year Biotechnology

My favourite part of Orientation Week in my 1st year was meeting my Orientation Leaders. Their positive energy stuck with me throughout the week and made my introduction to Queen's very special! My biggest piece of advice for incoming students is to have come into university with an open mind.

Fun Fact:  I’ve never broken a bone before!

Rachel Opsteen

Academics Executive, 3rd year Nursing

My favourite part of O-Week was learning my year dance because it helped me bond with my orientation group and I had a lot of fun performing it later in the week! My advice for incoming students is make sure to practice self-care and find a balance between school, extracurriculars, and time for yourself!

Fun Fact: When I’m not at Queens, I live on a chicken farm.

Camryn McConnochie

Social Executive3rd year Life Sciences

My favourite part of Orientation in 1st year was my tamming ceremony. I loved the tradition of the ceremony and it made me feel at home on Queen's campus! My biggest piece of advice for incoming students is to find a club that interests you. It's an awesome way to connect with people and the community!

Fun Fact: I have played lacrosse for 15 years and coached U11 for 5 years!

Maia Collins

Community Outreach Executive3rd year Kinesiology

My favourite part of Orientation week in 1st year was going to camp Oconto and learning the year dance. My advice for 1st year students is to use the resources provided to you, whether it's for academics, mental health and well-being, physical fitness, or self care. Don't be afraid to seek them out!

Fun fact: I worked on a blueberry farm for 3 years and can tell the difference between 10 different varieties of blueberries.

Knowren Ansari

Logistics Executive, 4th year Sociology

My favourite part of Orientation Week at Queen’s was actually in my second year, as I was a transfer student and participated in the NEWTS Orientation Week. I had such a fun time during the paint party as it was a nice way for everyone to just let loose and throw paint at each other (although it was stuck in my hair for months). It was a great opportunity to bond with people from other Orientation groups along with your own.

My advice is to keep in touch with friends and family back at home. Having that connection to home really helps when you are feeling homesick or overwhelmed. Also, when feeling overwhelmed, it is super important to get off campus (whether that be a coffee shop downtown, sunbathing at the pier, etc.) and away from the stressful environment.

Fun fact: I have a huge birthmark on the side of my thigh that frequently changes colours. Sometimes looks like a bruise, sometimes a rash, sometimes non-existent.

Emerald Chen

Logistics Executive, 4th year Biochemistry

My favourite part of my O-Week was the semi-formal. It was a great opportunity to dress up, bond with my orientation group, and dance like nobody is watching! My biggest piece of advice for incoming students is that it’s okay to not be okay. The transition from high school to university can be difficult (it certainly was for me). Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t be afraid to reach out for help!

Fun fact: I took a gap year before university. I worked at an animal shelter in Thailand for a month and learnt how to scuba dive.