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COVID-19 Information for BHSc Students

We understand that the current situation is causing disruption, stress, and uncertainty and we want to let you know that we are here to answer your questions. Please see the BHSc FAQs below about COVID-19. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

All Bachelor of Health Sciences undergraduate students who achieve a passing grade in a Bachelor of Health Sciences course that is lower than they might have achieved had the disruptions not occurred will have the option to change their grade to a Pass (P) instead of their final letter grade. The option to change a passing grade into a P will take effect in early May, after the final course grades are posted. You will not need to make an academic appeal in order to change a grade to P. We will be in touch as May approaches with instructions on how to make this change.

Alternatively, all Bachelor of Health Sciences undergraduate students will also have the option to drop the course without academic penalty The option to drop your course is available and this is something you can do yourself in SOLUS, not requiring an appeal. The course will be removed entirely from your transcript.

Both options will be available until May 20, 2020 without the requirement to appeal.

All Bachelor of Health Sciences undergraduate students of course also have the option to keep your final letter grade.

We are strongly encouraging you to take time to consider these options and think carefully about the consequences of dropping a course or changing a letter grade to a P. Your final grades will be available May 11 and you have until May 20 to make the decision that is in your best interest. 

For advice in approaching how to make a decision please reach out to our academic advisors: Bachelor of Health Sciences Advising

There is no limit. You can request P grades in any Winter 2020 classes that you have passed.

Yes. This is restricted to courses offered by the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, and includes course codes: ANAT, BMED, BCHM, CANC, CRSS, GLPH, LISC, MICR, NSCI, PHAR, PHGY, and REPD.

Any requests to drop the course or change a letter grade to a P grade after May 20 will require an appeal.

Courses with P grades will count as units earned toward your Degree Program requirements but they will not count toward your GPA (very similar to how Credit Standing (CR) is used).


For courses taken this Winter 2020 semester only we will allow a course substitution. For example, if a student took PHGY 170 this semester and choose to take a P then we would give them the flexibility to take another course, not necessarily a core course, in the Spring/Summer term and use that grade as a substitute for PHGY 170. In this case, if a student had taken their other two courses in the previous Fall term then they would be delayed being able to enter the program by a term.

Please reach out to Bachelor of Health Sciences Advising to discuss your options.  


Yes.  There will be information included in our grade legend to explain these P grades to account for the unique circumstances we and all other institutions are currently facing. It is recommended that you contact desired graduate programs to determine whether a P in a required course will impact your eligibility to the program.

Absolutely not. We recommend that you give all your classes your best try, wait to see your grades, do your research, and then make a decision.

Certainly. The Faculty of Health Sciences is running online undergraduate courses this summer. Courses begin on May 11th, and the deadline to register in these is May 15th. Course offerings for Spring 2020 can be found here: 

If you are a student an accommodation through Queen’s Student Accessibility Services (QSAS), and if you are concerned that these changes will affect your access needs, please do the following:

Download a current copy of your Letter of Accommodation from the QSAS website:

Send your instructor an email, with a copy to your QSAS Advisor, outlining your concerns. QSAS will connect with both of you with suggested solutions.

All instructors are trying very hard to make it possible for you to demonstrate your mastery of the key learning outcomes for the course. If the modifications present particular challenges for you, email your instructor as a first step. They may be able to provide you with some flexibility. If they are unable to satisfy your concerns, your next step would be to email our Program Office at

We understand that internet service varies from place to place and country to country, and some students may be quarantined in places without access to computers or the internet. School will have to wait. Please contact your instructors as soon as possible to find out the options for you to complete your courses when you are able to resume your studies. 

If you know you are going to have internet connections or broadband problems, let the instructor know up front in onQ or by email.

We are working with your instructors to ensure that you can complete all of your term work on time. We will have your grades in on time and you will graduate if you are eligible.

Please see  for updates related to support and services. You can also contact Empower Me, which connects Queen's students who need support with a trained counsellor. Call the 24/7 helpline at 1-844-741-6389. Additional information can be found at 

In some courses, there has not yet been sufficient assessment of learning for instructors to assess students’ mastery of learning outcomes. In some cases, this means that a final exam is essential. However, we know that this is a stressful time, so we are making every effort to ensure that we give students flexibility in when and how you take the final exam.

Yes, students in courses such as ANAT, BMED, BCHM, GLPH, LISC, MICR, NSCI, PHAR, PHGY, and REPD may be required to take an online proctored exam via Examity. For questions about writing exams in these courses, please contact your instructor or

Yes. The academic consideration process is available and operating the same way as usual.

BHSc COVID-19 Impact Form

BHSc COVID-19 Impact Form

The attestation form will be provided upon request to

Instructors are currently in the process of modifying their classes and exams to allow students to complete the Winter term.  This is currently their top priority so it may take your instructor some time to respond to emails. This delay will not affect your request.  Your patience is greatly appreciated while everyone at the University is working hard to help our students.

Summer course offerings that are on campus are cancelled and summer programming at the Bader International Centre will not take place.  Bachelor of Health Sciences online summer courses will continue to be offered.

The start of Summer Term 2020 classes (May-June and May-July Sessions) will be delayed one week, to 11 May 2020. The related add/drop and exam dates will also be extended by one week. Please check our Sessional Dates for more information.

Yes, we are currently processing applications for letters of permission. Before applying, we advise you to confirm with the host institution that their summer term classes will run as scheduled. We will waive all fees associated with applying for an LOP for the Spring/Summer 2020 term.

Email . We will add your questions and our answers to this page